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2 December 2020
Match4Industry 2020 | Virtual

We have compiled the most common questions we received about Match4Industry. The answers will walk you through the event. If you have a question that is not covered here, please contact your organizer or us and we will be more than happy to answer.

1. What are the key points to be taken into consideration during registration to the B2B platform?

    When we talk about matchmaking it’s all about attracting target companies. To attract potentials, use visuals and provide as much detail and elaborate information as possible about your products or services. Your profile is where you make the first impression. You have one shot, so use it wisely. If you would like to stand out among your competitors, we also have the “Market Place” where you could re-present your products/services and get more proactive. 

    2. Does the business matching platform automatically select or suggest potential partners, schedule meetings and send, accept or decline meeting requests on my behalf?

      It’s true that artificial intelligence has made great advances. But unfortunately, our platform is not that intelligent. Our matching platform does not automatically select or suggest potential partners, schedule meetings and send, accept or decline meeting requests on your behalf. You need to search and filter the participants in the system to find potential business partners for B2B meetings, send meeting requests to the potential partners you would like to set up a meeting, accept or decline the incoming requests that are send to you by the interested companies. To make this a successful event, please complete the above-mentioned processes by the registry deadline. The attached guide will help you on how to search for potential partners, schedule meetings and accept or decline incoming requests.

      3. What if I need to cancel my participation in the last minute?

        If for some reason you have to cancel your participation, please let us know as soon as possible so that we could delete your profile from the system and let the Turkish prospects know that you won’t be available. That way, they can search for alternate companies and fill their schedule with other potentials.

        4. What should I do if the relevant company doesn’t come on time?

          This is a situation we don’t like either but it’s natural and possible. Sometimes the meetings last longer than the provided time. Then Keep Calm, wait for the first 10 minutes and then get in touch with ABIGEM team.

          5. Do you provide translation services?

            Yes. Adequate number of translators will be available during the event.

            Reminder:  When you finalize your meetings with partnerships and sign contracts through our event (even after you go back to your country), please let us know. That will not only motivate us but also help us to measure the performance of the organization.

            6.If there are two participants from my company, should I open two profiles?

            In order to avoid duplicate profiles and confusion, only one profile per company is allowed. You can still join the meetings with your colleagues.


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            Participants 256
            Meetings 160


            Bulgaria 1
            Croatia 21
            Estonia 1
            Greece 7
            Ireland 1
            Italy 5
            Kosovo 6
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            North Macedonia 1
            Moldova, Republic Of 6
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            Service provider (design, engineering, IT) 47
            Academia, R&D institution 5
            Consulting (business, tax, legal) 10
            Government, Authority 9
            Agency, Association 9
            Other 16
            Total 263